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    Well said biggies real appeal was that he stayed true to who he was. with all these fake cats in the game today it tends to have even more appeal now then when he was alive.

    I never thought of him as goat but I did enjoy his rawness. I personally wouldnt put pac on the goat list either. Pac didnt stay true to who he was Pac was life imitating art. He had a decent flow and good lyrical content but a goat?

    My Goat List in no particular order accept for Rakim top of the list. You will notice these are all MC's.

    Big Daddy Kane
    Nas (the street prophet)
    Kool G Rap
    Slick Rick (the true story teller)
    GZA (sharp lyrics, smooth flow)
    Big Pun
    Run DMC (A lot of cats seem to leave them out of there GOAT list. These cats made it possible to have a GOAT list in hip hop. Rev Run to me is the true definition of an MC)
    Kool Mo dee (brought us battle rap.)
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    people who closely knew Biggie say he never really was a drugsdealer though. They said it was just entertainment. so i dont really get it when people say he stayed true to himself

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    GZA over GFK really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkelloway View Post
    yeah well I just listed my favorites, not the "best". I think that Big L was the best, then Biggie, then Pun, the ODB, then Pac.
    ODB over Pac?
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    everytime a biggie debate is raised I gotta represent for my fav rapper. I say Biggie is the best of all-time in my opinion. He had flow, swag, street presents and most important lyrics. When I listen to Biggie rap you could put him on any song and he flows with the beat perfectly. My G.O.A.T list is as follows:
    1) Biggie or Tupac(any order)
    3) Nas
    4) Jay-Z
    5) LL Cool J

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    Hey, whassup Alonzo. I wasn't necessarily aiming for a list when this was originally posted....but, Redman was my fave artist as a whole. Biggie would have been top 5 as an artist. Ironically, he didn't make my top 10 lyricist list. Artist? For certain.
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