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    Default Dj mixer or Phono Preamp?

    Hello guys. I actually sample from vinyl with my Numark tt500 + Ecler Nuo 2 + Apogee Duet.

    I need to change my ecler nuo 2, cause it's creating a ground loop (because of his power supplie blablabla...). Anyway, I have two choices :
    - Buying the DJ mixer Xone 22 and selling the ecler
    - Or buying a phono preamp and keeping the ecler

    At the end, my question is, how do you guy sample from vinyl? Do u use a DJ mixer as phono preamp, or do u use a "real "phono preamp.

    Does a phono preamp (for example Cambridge 640p 150-200$) sound as good as the xone 22 mixer (300$) ?

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    One thing that might solve your ground loop problem would be a ground lift they are a pretty cheaper adapter that go on the end of your power cord.

    If that doesnt work I would just try a phono pre and keep the ecler since its a nice mixer. ART makes a nice good sounding phono pre for around 50$ called DJ PRE II.

    I think most people just use the phono pre in their DJ mixer that is what I do.

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    Yes thanks for the advice but I already tried all solutions to resolve my ground loop. And the only way I totally resolved it is in replacing my ecler nuo 2 mixer by another mixer who doesn't have ground in the power supplie.

    The adaptater to delete the ground work a little, but there is still a hum...

    And I was thinking, you know, even when the ecler is just plugged into the power supplie (and not even powered on), there is the ground loop. So I think i'am gonna go with the Xone22...

    I know it's a good mixer, but I think I don"t have any other solution if I want to sample without interference!

    Thanks anyway!

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    Arrgl xone 22 mixer is so lame. A lot of white noise on top of my samples...
    I have to send it back. Ill get a phono preamp now...

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    Well, ground loop resolved with a Cambridge Phono preamp. It's crazy how a phono preamp is different as my ecler nuo 2 mixer.

    It amplify a lot more, so a lot better!! Really almost no noise, + ground loop is no there anymore.

    If there is an advice to have better vinyl samples, buy a phonopreamp. Ive got a cambridge 640p now, I payed it 120€ and it's a lot better than the ecler nuo2 DJ mixer (350€). I am not making scratchs, but Ill probably buy another dj mixer to learn that.

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    You can always go out of the cambridge to the line inputs of your ecler mixer if you want to scratch.

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    yes right, but my ecler is creating a ground loop... So i need to change the mixer to a mixer who doesn't have ground, like the Xone22, except that the xone 22 is a more a toy than a mixer, seriously, i'am desapointed by the xone 22...

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