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    The dream....to have your own studio!!! To never have to book time and PAY for another studio session again. To feed off of an idea the exact moment it surfaces as opposed to waiting for the availability of someone else's space. A great responsibility comes along with this. Some know this....some do not.

    The infamous guestroom/bedroom....yes, let's make this room the studio. The drawback to this is the majority of regular bedrooms in a house are often square. This shape alone makes for an inaccurate understanding of what sonically comes out of this space. Yes, it may be treated for accoustics with some padding or whatever have you. Yet, you're already taking a backward step in how you should approach this situation. Rooms need to be designed in a designated fashion in order for sound to bounce off properly. This may seem cliche...and also second nature. I've decided to speak on it because the topic continues to ensue without thorough knowledge.

    If this is something you really want to engage in...consult someone to view the space you have in mind to see if whatever goal you seek is achievable with what is at your fingertips. This will keep one abreast as to whether or not additional measures are necessary to get the room being accoustically efficient for your music.
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